22 August 2012

SPAIN : 23 August UPDATE : Octogenarian Defends Her Work; Amateur Ruins Popular Church Fresco.


     Officials say a woman parishoner well in her 80's...had the best intentions.
     Now...octogenarian Cecelia Gimenez says the parish priest gave her approval...and she didn't even finish her job.
     But...Gimenez's attempt to restore a more than 100 year old fresco of Jesus Christ...went terribly wrong.
     The largely unknown fresco called 'Ecce Homo'/Behold Man'...in the sanctuary of the Mercy Church in Borja near Zaragoza...was deteriorating badly from moisture...so the untrained woman tried to restore the popular work.
     According to a BBC reporter...the once dignified portrait of Christ done by a minor local artist Elias Garcia Martinez...'now resembles a crayon sketch of a very hairy monkey in an ill-fitting tunic.'
    Some wags are now calling it "Ecce Mono"...'Behold the Monkey.'
    Church officials hope they can undo the terrible restoration.
    If not...they will hang a foto of the fresco over it.
    However...there is an online petition signed by over 6,000 asking the church to keep the new fresco...just the way it is.
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