07 August 2012

RUSSIA : 09 August UPDATE : Deputy PM Blasts Madonna For Meddling; Trial Analysis; Prosecutors Want 3 Years For Pussy Riot Punkers; Navalny Finds An Office Bug.

       IST LINK CHANGE With detailed trial ANALYSIS:
      Long excellent analysis

     Imprisoned without bail since February...prosecutors are demanding that 3 young women who briefly sang an anti-Putin punk prayer in Moscow's main Orthodox cathedral...be locked away for 3 more years.
    The state charges that the singers used 'real mockery and humiliation against people in the church.'
    In closing arguments...the state's lawyers want them isolated from society...because they are dangerous feminists.
      ALSO: Before her Moscow performance...aging singer Madonna finally came out in support of Pussy Riot...asking authorities not to jail them.
     During her show...after undressing...she revealed the band's name written on her back...which upset a Deputy PM.
     Dmitry Rogozin attacked her on Twitter...basically calling her a whore.
     With 2:01 Madonna video...after ad.
     And...leading blogger, anti-corruption activist and Putin foe...Alexei Navalny has claimed his office was bugged.