27 August 2012

RUSSIA : 4 Vandalized Crucifixes Condemned By Pussy Rioters; 2 Wanted Members Flee Russia.


      Vandals cut down 4 Russian Orthodox crucifixes...acts being condemned by the 3 imprisoned Pussy Rioters.
      Last week in Kyiv...a topless Femen activist was arrested after cutting down a revered hilltop wooden cross memorial honoring the millions killed by Stalin.
     The Pussy Riot 3 denounced that act. 
     A spokesman for Pussy Riot speculates that the 4 crucifix vandalisms were ordered by authorities to discredit the music collective.

    AND: A Pussy Riot spokesman reported that 2 members of the collective/punk music group...sought by police for performing in the Orthodox cathedral...have fled Russia to avoid arrest.