28 August 2012

COLOMBIA / CUBA / VENEZUELA : 29 August UPDATE: Uribe Blasts Talks As Chavez Election Ploy; Santos Reports Possible Peace Talks With FARC Narco/Oro Extortionists; ELN Extortionists Also Want Talks...But Won't Stop Bombing.


      Rightist Ex-President Alvaro Uribe blasted current President Juan Manuel Santos for beginning 'exploratory talks' with FARC narco/oro extortionists.
     Uribe called the talks 'electoral propaganda' for re-electing Hugo Chavez.
     The talks may be held in Norway or Cuba...in October.

     During his brief TV address...President Juan Manuel Santos said his government has begun 'exploratory talks' with FARC narco/oro extortionists...the nation's largest 'rebel' group...with about 9,000 peasant soldiers.
     Rumors had circulated about secret meetings in Cuba.
     Santos provided no details...but said he would not repeat 'errors of the past.'
    Another smaller band of extortionists and kidnappers...the ELN...has also recently expressed a desire to join peace talks.
    Santos also mentioned their possible participation in negotiations.
    Recent stepped-up attacks by the FARC and ELN on rail and oil infrastructures...have affected Santos' approval ratings...which dropped from 64% in April to 48% in June...the halfway mark of his 4-year term.
    AND...TO READ: more about the ELN in an exclusive interview with its elusive leader...Nicolas Rodriguez, 62...aka Gabino....wanted with a $2.5 million bounty.