24 August 2012

MEXICO : Brutal Zetas Boss 'Z-40' Trevino Morales Scares Other Narcos.


      He's known by other narco thugs simply as...Z-40.
      Reported new Zetas boss...Miguel Angel Trevino Morales...is so brutal...that another narco boss wants everyone to band together to defeat him and his ruthless followers.
      Trevino Morales has allegedly come out on top in control of the Zetas...army trained narcos now battling federal police and troops almost everywhere in Mexico...and in Guatemala and Honduras.
      Experts say he pushed out founder and old boss Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano.
      Nuevo Laredo native Z-40 reportedly prefers to dispose of enemies by stuffing them in oil barrels...and setting them on fire.