24 August 2012

AUSTIN / USA : Cyclist Armstrong Surrenders To Anti-Doping Agency.

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    After some aggressive legal sparring...7-time Tour de France winner...and sometime Austin resident...but full-time local hero...has surrendered to the USA Anti-Doping Agency's attempt to strip him of all his titles...and ban him from future competitions.
     Armstrong, 40, abandoned arbitration with the agency...but still contests its right to take away his 7 Tour titles.
    He called the agency's probe...'one sided'...'unfair' and 'an unconstitutional witch hunt.'
    He is betting his fortunes...and reputation...will overshadow a contentious dispute with a little known USA agency...while waiting for cycling's Swiss based governing body to decide about his titles.
    Armstrong's cancer foundation Livestrong is based in Austin.
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