31 August 2012

MEXICO : AMLO Rejects Ruling Upholding Pena Nieto's Presidential Victory; Calls For Protest.


     El Grunon has returned.
     Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador...aka 'AMLO'...and known by this blog...as El Grunon/the Grouch...refuses to accept the electoral tribunal's new ruling that PRI candidate Enrique 'El Guapo'/The handsome one' Pena Nieto...aka 'EPN'...fairly won the July presidential election.
     AMLO claimed the winning PRI party spent way too much money...buying votes with millions spent in Soriana gift cards and even giving away animals...along with purchasing positive media coverage.
    AMLO is calling for a 9 September demonstration in the DF.
    In 2006...he pissed off many merchants with a massive demonstration by his followers in the DF that clotted the city center for weeks..after narrowly losing the presidential election to the PAN's Felipe Calderon.