09 July 2012

VENEZUELA / BRASIL: Hired Guns Aim To Make Chavez, Capriles...Look Like Lula; Chavez Claims Capriles Fomenting Campaign Violence.


      Both of Venezuela's presidential candidates have hired Brasilian election consultants to make them...'look like Lula.'
      That...of course...refers to popular former Brasil president Lula da Silva...a leftist who convinced world markets to invest their funds to feed growth and credit...while increasing welfare programs...and taking over control of its oil industry.
       President Hugo Chavez's campaign recently hired veteran Joao Santana, 59...aka 'Maker of presidents'...while Henrique Capriles hired 2 young experts from Brasil at the start of 2012.
        The hired hands are gunning to win over the 33% of the electorate still undecided...for the 7 October election.
          AND: President Hugo Chavez denounced opposition candidate Capriles for fomenting violence by campaigning in Chavez strongholds.
          Chavez claims the Capriles campaign is trying to destabilize the nation. 
          And police broke-up a scuffle between Capriles and Chavez supporters Saturday in the poor Caracas barrio...La Vega.