09 July 2012

MUSIC FOR MONDAY: CUBA / MIAMI: Celia Cruz Sings 'Mi Cuba Mia.'

      'La Cuba Mia' /4:54/ with nice slide show.

     The power of music...is awesome.
     A single song can often turn a black mood...into a phosphorescent orange.
     So, too...it can take the listener...deep into nostalgia/anhelo/saudade.
     Today's selection is from the late great Celia Cruz...singing 'La Cuba Mia.'
     Sadly...after fleeing Cuba in the 60's...Celia never returned.
     But she sang of it often...with great anhelo.

   ALSO: Can't get enough Cuban salsa with Celia?
      Celia and Willy Chirino sing the 5:41 classic "Cuba Que Lindo Son.'

     AND...there are claims that come September...Raul Castro will impose another tax on foreigners.
      Already there is a new tax imposed on imported food....called 'impuesto mula'...in the calle.
     Dissident blogger Yoani Sanchez reports that on 3 September...a tax on other tourist goods will begin. It will raise more revenue but hurt the self-employed...who needs imported merchandise to sell and survive...and can't get it from government stores.
        TO READ: about the food tax