14 July 2012

EUROZONE / ITALY / IRELAND : Game Theory Describes Roma, Dublin Beneficial Euro Exits.


      The military and finance people rely on quants to play game theory with their computers.
      A surprising new game analysis from Bank of America/Merrill Lynch has Italy and Ireland quitting the euro...even before Greece.
     The WSJ's 'Heard/Street' column also reported on the game results.
     The kernel is...Germany has more to lose than Italy...if they both get stubborn about austerity.
     Italy could exit the euro...and benefit.
     But for Germany...it's a lose/lose situation to exit the euro.
     Despite recent bluster from Helsinki....Finland, Austria and Belgium also have little benefit to quit.
     Let's hope that Italy's slippery Silvio doesn't take this BofA game to heart...run for PM...and become a euro departee.