03 July 2012

CUBA : 07 July UPDATE: Cholera Outbreak Kills 15, Infects 1,000 In Manzanillo; Panic Reported; Word Banned.


    Cuba's first cholera outbreak in 130 years...has killed at least 15...and infected some 1,000 more...in the eastern city of Manzanillo.
     Health officials say a thousand are being treated in the city of 130,000.
     Recent heavy rains and hot temps helped spread the water and contaminated food based malady.
     Panic is reported at local hospitals...and wards have been sealed off by security agents to keep information from citizens.
     The word 'cholera' has been banned from use on all media.
     Manzanillo is also suffering from an acute soap shortage.
     There have been unconfirmed reports of outbreaks near La Habana's airport.
    Cuba has long bragged about its superior health system.