26 July 2012

ARGENTINA : 28 July UPDATE: Critics Blast New 100 Peso Evita Bill...As Too Small'; Cristina Unveils Peron Peso Currency.

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     Still adored by some after 60 years...Evita Peron was honored with a new 100 peso bill.
     President Cristina Fernandez unveiled the new currency at a press conference.
     Evita Peron is the first woman to appear on Argentine currency.
     But critics of Argentina's runaway unofficial inflation...25-35%...say the bill is too small.
     It is valued officially at $22...but on the 'blue'/black market...at only $16 usd.
     They wanted a 500 peso bill to cope with ever rising prices.
     Cristina made no mention of inflation at the unveiling.
      Critics say Cristina is trying to channel Evita's energy and legend with her policies.
     A former radio actress and inspiring orator...in just 5 years...Evita became a wily populist politician alongside her strongman husband...President Juan Peron.
     She won women the right to vote in 1949.
     Evita died from cancer...at age 33.