03 June 2012

VENEZUELA / SPAIN :Chavez's Powerful Meds Revealed; Hugo's 3m Twitter Follower Gets Free House.


     A Spanish newspaper has revealed the meds it claims cancer ailing President Hugo is taking.
     If true...his prescription for recovery...is muy malo.
     This somewhat technical report from ABC claims he needs an opiate 100 times more powerful than morphine...with side effects on his body that are 'worrisome.'
     Nevertheless...Chavez's health has been termed terminal many times.
     But...Hugo keeps coming back.

    AND: CNN reports that Chavez was just shown on TV meeting with delegates from Belarus...praising the weather: "...what a lovely breeze, what lovely weather"...certainly trying to dispel rumors that he is on his death bed.

ALSO: With his illness...Twitter is now one of Chavez's most important means of communicating with citizens. 
   He has more than 3 million followers. He recently awarded the lucky 3 millionth to sign up...a free house that has upset his critics.