19 June 2012

VENEZUELA : Chavez Refuses To Debate 'Nonentity' Opponent Capriles.


     Undoubtedly...6 months of painful and tiring cancer treatments have left President Hugo Chavez in a surly mood.
     He has taken to unleashing insults on his October 7 opponent...Henrique Capriles Radonski...calling him 'pig' and 'loser.'
     At a recent press conference...Chavez, 57...said he would not debate Capriles because...'I'd be ashamed because what you have there is nothing...I'd like to have a heavyweight, not a non-entity.'
     Capriles, 39...is the former governor of populous Miranda state.
     A new Hinterlaces poll shows Chavez with 51% support...and Capriles getting 34% of the vote.