22 June 2012

RUSSIA : President Putin 2.0 : Bully Or Wooing CEO?


     New President Vlad Putin...former KGB spy...transformed into corporate gladhander at his economic forum in St Petersburg.
      He was trying to get execs to invest in Russia...and stop the $10 billion monthly flight of foreign capital.
     The suits are wary.
     They have heard Putin's promises before...but seen little action...during his 12 years in power.
      The continuing and growing recent protests in Moscow disturb them...as does Putin's recent signing of new heftier fines for protesters.
     Plus...Putin kept them cooling...for 4 hours!
     Meanwhile at the G20 in Mexico...Putin's body language with President Obama...was described...as 'frosty'...as issues like Syria's civil war and Eastern European missiles clouded the resort's sunny skies.