01 June 2012

PERU : 3 Rebel Brothers Threaten Humala's Peace And Prosperity.


       Suddenly...President Ollanta Humala's seemingly successful bid to develop Peru and bring it more prosperity...is being seriously challenged by some crafty narco rebel brothers.
      The 3 Quispe Palomino brothers have resurrected the long defeated Shining Path narco rebels...and shaken Ollanta's government...and awakened deep-seated fears in the citizenry of the Sendero Luminoso.
     With only 500 soldiers...the narcos made news by abducting 36 nat gas workers...and then ambushing, killing 8 security forces and embarrassing Peru's military.
     The defeat cost 2 ministers their jobs.
      President Humala's popularity had dropped...even as the economy based on mining continues to prosper.