21 June 2012

PARAGUAY : 23 June UPDATE: Coup!...By Impeachment; Senate Ousts President Lugo; Nation Is Nervous.

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       As expected...President Fernando Lugo has been impeached by the opposition controlled Senate.
        Lugo labelled it...'a new form of coup'...and it took less than 48 hours.
        During a national TV broadcast...he said he would step aside.
        After 17 farmers and police were killed last week during an eviction...the opposition controlled congress voted to impeach President Fernando Lugo.
       The trial was held in the Senate...giving Lugo and his lawyers had less than 24 hours to prepare a defense.
     VP Federico Franco, 49...will take over for the rest of the 5-year term...that ends in August 2013.
      Lugo had at first refused to resign after the tragedy...but accepted resignations from his top cop and interior minister.
     8 police and 9 landless farmers died during the clash over private lands...the bloodiest in decades.
     The nation is anxious about protests that may still occur.
     There were street protests in 1999...after the assassination of a VP.
      "We are not going to escape turbulence, it’s coming,” said a political analyst . “If you were to ask me, I’d tell you to go to the supermarket and buy batteries, buy everything."
      At least 5 Latin nations so far refuse to recognize Franco as legitimate president... Venezuela, Bolivia, Argentina, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic.

       NEW!!! ANALYSIS: Land ownership still unfair...and reform slow in LatAm.