21 June 2012

EUROZONE / ITALY : PM 'Super Mario' Monti...Under The Microscope; Silvio Threatens Return; Italians Dodging Property Taxes.


     TIME features an analysis of technocrat PM Mario Monti's successes...and failures...so far...and the rise of the old politics...as Italy's bond yields drop and the fear of default and bailout wanes.
“As you reduce the margin of danger, the old politics becomes more assertive,” says a political scientist. “It’s one thing when your house is burning and another when the fire is already quelled.”
    ALSO : Today the WSJ also reports slippery old lion conservative ex-PM Silvio Berlusconi...is roaring again...upset about Monti's tax hikes...and Germany's austerity measures. 
     But the article is not yet freely available.
     Here...is a 22 hour old Reuters report...about Silvio targeting the euro to regain popularity...and his FACEBOOK post...about the return of the lira.

   AND: Property tax receipts are dropping...despite Monti's need to increase revenues... because owners openly dodge them...calling them 'unfair.'