11 June 2012

EURO 2012 / POLAND / RUSSIA :13 June UPDATE: 184 Arrested Over Russia/ Polish Football Match; Teams Play 1-1 Draw; Euro Rules The Airwaves.

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      Poland and Russia played to a 1-1 draw in Wroclaw...but hundreds of fans got violent as simmering nationalistic tensions erupted.
      Some of the 5,000 Russians crossing the Vistula river in Warsaw before the touted football match between the favored Russians and Poland...clashed with Polish hooligans at a bridge...and there were also fights after the match...resulting in at least 10 injuries...and 184 arrests.
      Football's governing body...UEFA...fined Russia E120,000/$150,000.
       Poland must now face the Czechs in Group A.
      TO SEE: 1:47 Raw Clashes Video

       Scheduled for Moscow's 'Russia Day '...10,000 tickets were sold to Russians.
       The match of course had nationalist overtones...and stirrings of age-old resentments.
    AND: Visitors from Europe to this blog...normally about 1/3 of the daily total...were scarce this weekend.
    The reason...of course...Euro 2012 football.
    The early matches posted mammoth numbers.
    The highest rated match was between the Dutch and Denmark...with 6.8 million viewers...an astounding 87% share.
    But big audiences were also seen in Germany while it defeated Portugal.