18 May 2012

VENEZUELA : 19 May UPDATE: Stand-off Ends; All Inmates Leave Caracas Prison After 3 Weeks Of Chaos; Chavez Breaks Week Long Silence Since Cuba Return.

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     For 3 weeks...armed prisoners held off authorities from entering the La Planta prison in Caracas.
     Friday...the last of 1,600 inmates housed there left the buildings...transferred to other locations...escaping heavy gunfire and tear gas inside.
    For security reasons...officials want to shut down the aging prison.
     ALSO:  President Hugo Chavez broke his week-long unusual silence....with a 90-minute phone call to state TV. 
     The frequent Tweeter had been inactive on Twitter...and without any public appearances...since returning from cancer treatment in Cuba.
      His absence always feeds rumors of a cancer relapse.