03 May 2012

USA : 05 May UPDATE: Spirit Airlines Chief Feels Boycott Heat For $100 Carry-on Plan.


     This news blog has posted in the past about the mean spirited nature of Spirit Airlines.
     Spirit leads...ALL...USA airlines for customer complaints.
     A Facebook page has blossomed...urging a boycott of it...with 30,000 supporters.
     The editor would join it...if I still used Facebook...and remembered my old password.
     The new outrage is over a proposed charge for carry-on....and its recent treatment of a  dying Marine vet.
     It really got going when Spirit announced that it will charge $100 for any large carry-on bag on 6 November...unless paid for in advance...or at the kiosk rate of $50.
     One industry observer calls it 'skyway robbery.'
     An exec with Flyers Rights says: 'Spirit Airlines has a history of cruelty toward their passengers but they continue to treat them like meat in a seat because their fares are so low they are confident people will fly with them. But the fact is people are damaged by Spirit every day and Spirit has a culture of 'I don't care.'
      Spirit flies to some of this blog's nations of interest...in Latin America and the Caribe.