02 May 2012

KOSOVO / SERBIA / GERMANY/ BOSNIA / CROATIA : Ex-Guerrilla Limaj Acquitted Of Serb Killings; 1st Woman Convicted For Killing Croats.


      Politician Fatmir Limaj...a former ethnic Albanian commander of the KLA...and close ally of current Kosovo PM Hashim Thaci...was acquitted  by a Kosovo court of torturing and killing Serb detainees in 1999.
      3 of his aides were also acquitted...after the key witness against them killed himself in Germany.
      In Serbia...a prosecutor called the acquittal 'shameful and unjust.'
      'The question is whether anybody in Kosovo will ever be convicted for crimes committed against Serbs,' the office said.
      ALSO READ : Bosnian Muslim woman...Rasema Handanovic, 39...was convicted and jailed for nearly 6 years...for murdering 6 Bosnian Croats in April 1993.
      Handanovic...a naturalized USA citizen extradited from Oregon...is the first woman convicted of war crimes.