21 May 2012

CUBA / VENEZUELA : William Alexander Morgan...Executed American Revolutionary In La Habana...Profiled; What Happened To Cuba's $70 Million Undersea Cable?

     LONG, LONG READ/23 Screens!

      American William Alexander Morgan helped Fidel Castro overthrow dictator Fulgencio Batista...but 2 years later faced a firing squad.
    Morgan was the sole gringo in Castro's rebel army...and even rose to the highest rank of comandante.
   What happened? 
   Castro claimed his 'faithful friend 'Morgan...was a triple agent.
   Author David Grann details the tragic...but fascinating tale...in full.
     AND: More than a year after a undersea cable was promised...that would greatly speed up internet service for Cubans...nothing has changed. 
     In fact...some claim internet speeds have actually slowed down.
     Discussion about the once much hyped $70 million cable connecting Venezuela to Santiago de Cuba instead centers on likely corruption and incompetence.