01 May 2012

COLOMBIA / USA : 07 May UPDATE: Secret Service Escort Londrono Suarez Gives Another Interview; Calls Agents 'Brutos'/Idiots; Seeks $400K To Reveal ALL.

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      Dania Londrono Suarez, 24...the beautiful 'escort' who complained to Cartagena police about a cheap Secret Service member...before President Obama's recent Summit visit...thus ripping open a white hot USA scandal...may soon be seen in Playboy, Hustler or Penthouse magazines.
     During another interview...this time for the USA's TV TODAY SHOW...from a hide-out in Madrid...she refused to call herself a 'prostituta'...but admitted to having sex with an agent named Arthur Huntington.
     Londrono says she only asked the agent for 'a little present'...of $800 usd...but he insulted her by offering...$28 or $50...not even enough for taxi fare.
     She also claims the special agents were drinking booze like it was water.
     Londrono Suarez called the agents 'stupid brutes.'
     Several agents allegedly begged her not to call police in the morning...after the agent reneged on her '$800 present'...and they eventually paid her $250.
     For 90 minutes...Londrono answered questions from media around the globe.
     Though she claims the scandal has 'damaged her life'...she has hired a lawyer and is  seeking $400,000...to spill the all dirt... in a book deal...or a men's magazine where she would even reveal all her god-given physical gifts.
     Playboy has denied any interest...while Hustler admits it has examined fotos.

       ORIG LINK: with many fotos.