30 May 2012

COLOMBIA / FRANCE : 31 May UPDATE: FARC Releases Wounded French TV Reporter Langlois; Captivity Details Revealed.

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      As promised...FARC narco rebels released wounded French TV reporter Romeo Langlois, 35...after 33 days in captivity.
     He was handed over to the Red Cross...in the town of San Isidro in the Caqueta region.
     Despite a pronouncement about releasing long held prisoners, stopping kidnappings and seeking peace talks...the FARC continues to ambush and kill dozens of police and soldiers.
     Observers say FARC supports itself by growing coca...and processing it into cocaine.
     Langlois carried a letter from the narco rebels to France's president...that says they are 'tired' of war.
     He said the rebels 'never tied him up'...were 'respectful'...and fed him 'good food.'