30 May 2012

IMF / GREECE/ EUROZONE : IMF Chief Lagarde Pisses Off Greeks, Austerity Wracked Eurozone With Tax Dodger Remarks.


     What is it about the arrogance of the powerful?
     It seems to flow as freely as the rare and expensive wines they consume.
     Anger is growing...throughout the eurozone...over recent comments made by IMF head Christine Lagarde...calling Greeks...tax dodgers. 
     Lagarde, 56...herself pays ZERO income taxes on her massive $468,000 salary...that increases every year with inflation.
     Plus...she gets a $84,000 annual allowance.
     Lagarde said she had more sympathy for poor Africans than the jobless in Greece suffering from austerity...and a 5 year recession.
    She said that Greeks need to 'help themselves collectively' by 'all paying their tax'.
    She told the GUARDIAN that it was 'payback time 'for ordinary Greeks.
    And...her comments have backfired...adding to the rise of the Syriza Party...with its 'drachmail' approach to austerity measures.
    Syriza has a chance to wrest control of parliament in June...with its 25.2 approval in a recent poll of 1,016 Greeks. (WSJ)
   Before Lagarde's remarks...the left wing party's appeal had been sinking...with more Greeks willing to weather austerity and stay in the eurozone.