27 May 2012

BULGARIA / VATICAN : Bloggers Rail Over Pope's Giant Golden Egg Gift.


       Recently...President Rosen Plevneliev gifted Pope Benedict 16 with a huge sculpted Easter egg during his Vatican visit.
       The mainstream media ignored the present...but many bloggers took issue with the cost of the 200 kg steel egg...plated with gold...that took 2 years to create.
      Some of the comments are hilarious:

     #Terribly tasteless…
   #What does Bulgaria have in common with an egg or Fabergé? What's the message? Maybe that we roost with hens?
      'Plevneliev has given the Pope a giant egg which will hatch Lady Gaga.'
     #Such grandiosity…Looks like the Pope was frightened by the size of the egg.
      #Seriously! Who made it? How much does it cost? Who paid the bill?
       Finally...for those...like the editor...currently hooked on cable TV's Game : 'Is President Plevneliev a fan of Game of Thrones, that he gave the Pope a dragon egg?'