27 May 2012

PERU / EUROZONE / SPAIN / PORTUGAL : 4 Interesting NYTimes Reports.

       Visitors wanting to read 3 of the 4 articles in today's NYTIMES must use some of their 10 free monthly paywall visits to access them.

    PERU: Relatively new  NYT LatAm reporter...William Neuman...writes about the Shining Path narco rebels...and their desire to reinvent themselves into a political party. Also how many youths there don't know about left and right's human rights abuses of the past...and the 4,000 mass graves still undiscovered there.
    SPAIN: Suzanne Daley has an excellent piece on shrinking credit lines for small businesses...as 45 regional banks have dwindled to 13.
    EUROZONE : Jeff Sommer's fascinating column is about Ireland's betting website INTRADE...where gamblers/crowd sourcing currently predict the odds of a 2012 Grexit at 41.7%...60% by end of 2013...and 68.7% by 2014. 
     It also puts President Obama's chances at re-election...at 57.1%
   PORTUGAL: Finally...Frank Bruni has a travel piece about Lisboa/Lisbon.
     Lisboa is one of this editor's favorite cities. 
     It is hilly like SF, Ca...and like the Bay Area...has a distinct nautical feel.
     Many big ships are refitted there...and must pass under its magnificent bridge...that so resembles the SFBay's Golden Gate...which celebrates 75 years this month.