26 May 2012

BRASIL / MEXICO : More Investors Saying...'Ciao Brasilia!'...And 'Ole!' To DF's Bolsa.


      As Brasil loses economic steam as a sure play on China's appetite for commodities...more foreign investors are instead placing their bets on the slow but steady 3-4% growth of the USA's neighbor...Mexico.
      Brasilia recorded only 2.7% GDP growth in 2011...and is on track for the same in 2012.
      Even with its widely publicized narco troubles...Mexico will soon have a new president who may work with mafiosos as his PRI party did for decades.
      Plus...Mexico allows much easier access for new investments than Brasilia's tedious bureaucracy.
    As one hedge fund manager crudely put it: "There's so much money around, where are you going to put it? It's the tallest midget competition, everyone is tiny...but you have to choose one, so who are you going to choose? You choose the tallest one."