09 April 2012

VENEZUELA : Opposition Columnist Bocaranda Gets Boffos For Accurate Rumors.


      As President Hugo Chavez returns again to La Habana...for his 3rd round of cancer treatments...here is yet one more media report...about the amazing accuracy of Caracas newspaper columnist Nelson Bocaranda...in predicting the health and progress of the ailing Chavez.
      Bocaranda has 587,000 followers on Twitter...many of them investors holding local bonds.
     "He's required reading for people interested in investing in Venezuela,' says a Caracas banker.
     His column...called Runrunes/Murmurs...runs only 2x weekly...but many claim it...along with his radio show and website...are the best source of info on Hugo's health.
    Bocaranda says that Chavez did indeed secretly meet with Pope Benedict...for 5 minutes...despite Vatican denials.
    He also claims Hugo turned down Brasil's offer of reputable and expert care...because Chavez did not want to denigrate Castro's health care system...a decision his family claims will kill him.
    An analyst puts it succinctly: "Bocaranda is the unofficial minister of information since the official minister of information doesn't have any information. It's a throwback to Soviet days."