24 April 2012

UKRAINE / GERMANY / EU : 27 April UPDATE: German Prez Gauck Cancels Kyiv Visit; Yulia's Daughter Says Mom's Health In Decline From Hunger Strike, Beatings.


      Days after imprisoned former PM Yulia Tymoshenko reported being beaten and began a hunger strike....the EU, a top German and even Russia are weighing in about her alleged mistreatment.
      Yulia's fast is now in its 7th day.
      Her daughter says her mother's health is declining rapidly...from the hunger strike.
      Yulia is protesting 'what is happening in the country and what is happening to her in prison.'
      New German President Gauck has rejected attending an upcoming summit in Yalta.
      Even Russia's foreign ministry asked Ukraine to 'show a human approach.'
      Tymoshenko claims that prison guards have recently beaten her. 
      She is serving 7 years in a remote prison for abuse of power...and faces new charges.
      Yulia is reported to be suffering from severe back pains...but recently refused local medical treatment.
      German doctors don't believe she can get proper care for a back problem in prison.

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