06 April 2012

RUSSIA / COLOMBIA / USA : Moscow Vows To Bring Back 'Merchant Of Death' Bout.


    One must ask...why does Putin's Russia...always come off looking mean, obstinate, ugly...and plain thuggish...on so many international matters?
     Long intransigent over Syria in the UN...while thousands of civilians were murdered... and also on the Baltic's Iran missile defense...Moscow is now demanding that Viktor Bout...long an unsavory arms seller...aka the "Merchant of Death...be returned to Russia.
     Bout, 45...a former Soviet army officer...was sentenced in NYC...to 25 years for conspiring to sell weapons to Colombia's FARC rebels.
    "Long before the verdict, the authorities declared V.A. Bout a 'merchant of death' and little short of an international terrorist, while the prosecution was built entirely on his imputed 'criminal intent',"  a statement said, adding: "The Russian foreign ministry will take all necessary efforts to return V.A. Bout to the Motherland."