06 April 2012

USA / MIDEAST : Reporter Seymour Hersh Interviewed.

      TO WATCH: 27 Mins. Interview.

      This blog does not normally cover the USA policy in the Middle East.
      But an Austin-produced public TV program..."Overheard'...featured an interview with remarkable New Yorker reporter Seymour Hersh.
     Hersh's journalistic star was already ablaze for breaking the My Lai massacre...when this blogger began his career as a San Francisco TV investigative reporter...and I have long admired the courage of his coverage. 
    Hersh was the first to reveal prisoner abuses at Abu Ghraib.
    Lately he has been reporting about Iran's nuclear program.
    For over 40 years...Hersh has revealed the unseemly...and suffered the wrath of the  powerful.
    Here Hersh expresses his strong...and informed insider's opinion...about President Obama's foreign policy successes...and failures...with Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran. 

    TO READ : Hersh's latest blog post on Iran: