03 April 2012

MEXICO / USA : Tijuana Narco Boss Gets 25 Years/ $100 Million Fine; Calderon Gets Testy Over Assault Weapons During Obama Meet.


     Benjamin Arellano Felix...a former Tijuana narco boss...must serve 25 years in a USA prison...and forfeit $100 million usd...after his confession and conviction for racketeering and money laundering.
     He was one of 7 brothers who ran the organization...that controlled the flow of drugs into the USA...until the early 2000s.
    He was arrested in 2002. 
    The San Diego judge said he wanted to impose an even harsher sentence...but was limited by the law.
      AND: President Felipe Calderon showed frustration with the USA's foot dragging over the renewal of an assault weapons law...during a White House meeting. 
        The law expired in 2004...and Mexico's narco violence began to surge in 2006.
        He blames the many border gun shops for the easy sales that feed Mexico's out of control violence.