12 April 2012

ITALY : 15 April UPDATE: Ex-PM Silvio Defends Paying Showgirls E127,000 Before Testimonies.


     Here we go...again.
     Anciano ex-PM Silvio Berlusconi admits and defends seemingly inappropriate payments to witnesses.
     Milano prosecutors revealed that Berlusconi paid 3 former showgirls...likely to testify at his trial...a total of E127,000...before the trial began.
    Most of the money...E72,000...went to twin sisters Imma and Eleonara De Vivo (below) ...but Nicole Minetti (top foto) also got E55,000.
    They are on a list of witnesses in Silvio's trial for paying underage teen...Ruby the Heartstealer...for sex...and abusing his authority to get Ruby released from jail.
    Berlusconi defends the payments as his 'duty' to 'help' the women.