12 April 2012

UKRAINE / GERMANY : Official Blasts Hotels...As 'Bandits And Thieves'...Over Euro 2012 Housing Costs; Movie About Legendary Nazi Football Defeat Worries Officials.


     No doubt...Ukraine's hotels are looking forward to June's 2012 Euro Cup for brisk business and profits.
     But...many are being accused of room price gauging.
     Michel Paltini...the president of Uefa...is calling them 'bandits and crooks'...and claims some are not even honoring signed contracts.
     This issue was first raised in March.
     Once again...a deputy PM has pledged to take action...but still lacks a plan or even authority to do anything.
      AND: A new movie about a winning but deadly 1942 Kyiv football contest vs Nazis..."The  Match"...could cause trouble between Ukraine and German fans.