29 October 2012

MEXICO : To Fend Off Brutal Zetas Narcos...Torreon Ponders Deal With Sinaloa Gang; Zetas Still Control Coal Rich Coahuila State.


     Industrial city Torreon in Coahuila state is not on the USA border...but it has suffered mightily from the battle over its control of its plaza...between the fearsome Los Zetas and Sinaloa narcos.
     Now...Torreon's leadership is considering doing a deal with the Sinaloa cartel...to put an end to the Zetas...and attract new industry and growth again.
    Torreon's police chief told Reuters...'They (Zetas) act without any kind of principles. The ones from Sinaloa don't mess...with the population.'
   In 2011...there were 990 killings in Torreon vs only 62 in 2006...and it now trails only Acapulco as Mexico's murder capital.

    ALSO: TO READ: Los Zetas still control mountainous, coal rich Coahuila state. 
        'Coahuila state is for the Zetas what the Sierra Madre is for El Chapo...easily defensible, sparsely populated and relatively easy to get in and out of...' says a expert.