14 April 2012

BRASIL : 17 April UPDATE: Pernambuco Cannibals May Have Made Home Movie of Killings...Claims Media.


    A couple in Garanhuns, Pernambuco state...accused of killing at least 3 women...eating their flesh...and using the rest to stuff empanada pastries...which they then sold on the street...may have made a home movie of some murders...reports local media.
   The alleged murderous cannibals called the movie...'Espirito.'
   Police can't yet say if the movie is real...or a re-enactment.
   The couple and a woman...the husband's 25-year-old mistress...claim they heard a 'voice' telling them to kill the 'bad' women.
   Police found human remains for 2 women in the patio of a house torched by angry neighbors.
    One of the alleged cannibal killers revealed the murders in a 2009 book...but only recently identified himself as the author.
    Police speculate there may have been at least 10 victims.

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