19 March 2012

MUSIC FOR MONDAYS: Ciao! Adios! 25TH SXSW Ends! From Austin...Charanga Cakewalk.

    "Chispas"  3:33 / static album foto

    The clean-up and packing-up are well underway...as Austin's 25th SXSW has finished.
    Over 2,000 bands now crowd the airport heading home...and preliminary reviews are trickling in.
     A USA group called 'Alabama Shakes' is being lauded...as this year's 'discovery.'
     In the LatAm sphere...Venezuelan rockers 'La Vida Boheme' got some notice (not my cup of  mate)...as did Chile rocker 'Astro'...which I sorta liked...here with a 'weird' video. 
     (3:29) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5DRzmVboj0
      Colombia's Juanes was LatAm's biggest star to perform.
      He even claimed that SXSW was a life changing experience for him.
     "It is the greatest experience of my life," Juanes said. "I'm so happy and so thankful. It's changing my life. I just feel it. It's inspiring me, and that's the best."
     But today's musical selection...is from a local Austin group...'Charanga Cakewalk' ...with a tasty and lively tune called 'Chispa'/spark.
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