30 March 2012

MEXICO : "Dinosaur" PRI...Is Planning Its Comeback.


      The PRI party controlled Mexican politics for 7 decades...before losing in 2000 to the conservative PAN party.
      But the PRI is looking strong for July's presidential election...with its young and handsome if vacuous candidate...former governor Enrique Pena Nieto...with at least a 10 point lead over his PAN opponent.
      It turns out that many Mexicans are simply disgusted with outgoing PAN President Felipe Calderon.

      "When the PRI governed Mexico, it worked. They maintained social stability," says a new voter...who also believes it was an error to go after narcos. "You can't attack an organization that large ... it's attacking the people. Now it's out of control."

    ALSO: PAN candidate Mota may not have Calderon's full support.
     "If you'd asked me a month-and-a-half, two months ago if she could win, I'd have said she had a chance, but if you asked me now, I'd say her hopes are very slim," said a pollster.