27 March 2012

CUBA : Pope Benedict Celebrates Mass In Santiago de Cuba.

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     Pope Benedict visited the Virgin of Charity El Cobre (La Mambisa)...a shrine sacred to the estimated 550,000 practicing Catholics...celebrating a mass near Santiago de Cuba...the isla's 2nd largest city...after an airport welcome from President Raul Castro.
    However...some 50 dissidents were detained by secret police...and others stopped from attending the ceremonies.
      Pope Benedict is only the 2nd pontiff to visit the island...14 years after Pope John Paul 2's historic visit there.
       The Pope will meet again with Raul Castro in La Habana...and perhaps former dictator Fidel...and celebrate a mass in Revolution Plaza on Wednesday.
     Pope Benedict has called for 'a better society'...and 'renewal'...but VP economic czar Marino Murillo says there will be no political reforms.
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