31 March 2012

BRASIL : Ex-President Lula da Silva Talks About Cancer.


     This past week brought great news for wildly popular former President Lula da Silva.
     Doctors pronounced him 'in complete remission' from larynx cancer.
     He shared his feelings about the treatment with the daily FOLHA de SAO PAULO.
     Lula, 66...revealed he lost 16 kg...and as a politician...he feared losing his voice more than dying.
     "...Fear, fear, I live with fear," he said.
     He described the 33 sessions of radiation...and chemo that followed...like 'the Hiroshima bomb'...and that he would have preferred 'to go into a coma.'
     But...in the end..."I am a coward. I want to be alive," Lula said.
     Lula says he will return to politics...but with a saner schedule.