20 March 2012

BRASIL / CHILE : Billionaire Batista's Son Kills Rio Cyclist; Atacama Residents Win In Court Vs Batista Thermo Power Plans.


    The eldest son of multi billionaire mining and energy magnate Eike Batista...easily Brasil's richest man...struck and killed a cyclist Saturday evening near Rio.
     Thor Batista (foto), 20...was driving the Mercedes SLR McLaren...when he hit the victim... Wanderson Pereira dos Santos, 30.
     Police breathe tests revealed no alcohol.
     Thor Batista runs a company that manages discos.
     AND:  Chile's Atacama desert community of Totoral won a lower court ruling against a faulty environmental study that had approved of magnate Eike Batista's (above foto) plan to build a $4.4 billion thermal power project...with 6 massive coal fired plants...near the rich marine  diversity of Punta Cachos.