20 March 2012

VENEZUELA : Chavez Announces Alleged Capriles Murder Plot.


     Is it a case of 'Deja Vu'...all over again?
     President Hugo Chavez claims to have evidence of a plot to kill his opponent...Henrique Capriles Radonski...6 years after he made a similar claim...right before an election.
     "There's information out there that they want to attempt to kill him and it's not the government. It's information we've taken seriously because of the source from which it comes,' said Chavez.
     SERBIN...the secret service agency...is meeting with Capriles' people about protection.
     Capriles tweeted that Chavez's announcement 'borders on the irresponsible'...and reflects on the nation's out of control crime rate.
    A Chilean diplomat's daughter was killed by police Sunday in Maracaibo...at a botched  checkpoint stop...just 4 blocks from her home.