20 March 2012

ARGENTINA / UK / FALKLANDS / MALVINAS : Cristina's Sovereignty Claims Get Islanders' British Backs Up.


     The nearly 3,000 residents of Stanley...the Falkland Islands major city...now mostly agree on one thing.
     They are not Argentines!
     British patriotism there...is running hot and heavy.
    "The best we could hope for is that they realize the present track isn't getting them (Argentina) anywhere and that they need to start being a little bit more pleasant towards us," said a business owner.
     "It would be a much nicer if in the 30th anniversary year (2 April) we were able to keep looking forward with optimism to the future rather than think 'What's Argentina saying now?' said the island's governor.

     Another island politician declared : "There's no point in Argentina trying to ignore us because we are here, we are a people in our own right and if they want to change things, they'll have to go through us."

     Argentina has claimed the islands...since 1833.