05 February 2012

VENEZUELA / ARGENTINA / UK : 6 Feb UPDATE: Chavez Pledges Military Support For Malvinas; Parade Celebrates Failed Coup's 20th Anniversary.

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     One day after President Hugo Chavez proudly watched 12,000 of his military parade... celebrate the 20th anniversary of his failed coup against then president Carlos Andres Perez...he also pledged military support to Argentina vs the UK...over the Malvinas/Falkland islands.
     "I'm speaking only for Venezuela, but if it occurs to the British Empire to attack Argentina, Argentina won't be alone this time," he said at an ALBA meeting.
    Chavez is fond of Argentine President Cristina Kirchner.
    He gave her an oil portrait of her deceased husband Nestor that he had painted...and hung another in his own presidential palace.
    The 2002 coup put Colonel Chavez...on the nation's media radar.
     It's recently purchased Russian T-72 tanks, jet fighters and anti-aircraft equipment were showcased.
     Some members of Chavez's ALBA group also watched the parade...including Cuba's Raul Castro, Bolivia's Evo Morales and Nicaragua's Daniel Ortega.