24 February 2012

VENEZUELA / CUBA : Bond Investors Find Gossip Columnist a 'Must Read'; Chavez May Be Compromising Care For Security.


     Caracas newspaper gossip columnist Nelson Bocaranda has been ahead of shocking Hugo Chavez cancer news...TWICE.
    Bocaranda, 66, pens a twice weekly column for El Universal.
    Despite the Chavez government's denials...Bocaranda's sources were impeccable...and now his gossip is a 'must-read' for investors.
    He also has more than 500,000 Twitter followers.
    “He’s very well connected, very well informed and you’ve got to read him,” said a New York strategist. “He managed to get sources in Cuba to tell him pretty much what Chavez confirmed afterwards.”
  AND:  Is Chavez sacrificing care...for secrecy?
     Doctors following Chavez's cancer melodrama state that better, more specialized care is available outside of Cuba.
     La Habana may only be able to handle a 'standard' cancer...not deadlier types they suspect Hugo has...prostate, rectal, bladder...and the deadliest and most likely...sarcoma.