24 February 2012

SERBIA / KOSOVO / EU : Belgrade Relents On Pristina Conferences Participation; Serbs Shun Jolie Film.


      Serbia conceded on a major sticking point in its efforts to move forward with EU candidacy.
     It will allow Kosovo to participate in conferences...with a cosmetic asterick* labelled nameplate...even though Beograd refuses to recognize Pristina's 2008 independence.
    Both nations also agreed to jointly manage their troublesome border region.

AND : As expected...actress Angelina Jolie's new film about the Bosnia war...'In the Land of Milk and Honey'...is being ignored by Serbian movie goers.
   A Beograd newspaper reported that only 12 people attended the earliest showing of the film... and some left before the film's end. 
   It quoted a cinema employee who claimed there were more police present than customers.