24 February 2012

BOLIVIA : 25 Feb UPDATE: After Police Clashes...Disabled Protesters On Hunger Strike In La Paz.

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       At least 5 disabled protesters have begun a hunger strike...demanding subsidy increases and better rights...in a makeshift camp outside the parliament.
       A caravan of 50 disabled citizens...spent 100 days marching to La Paz...seeking better benefits...with payments of at least $434 monthly.
       President Evo Morales just authorized $145 per month (Global Voices).
      In La Paz...about 1,000 demonstrators gathered again...a day after clashing with police...who responded with pepper spray, tear gas and tasers.
      The disabled want a 70% increase in their annual subsidy.
      Many of the protesters traveled 1,500 km/932 miles...in wheelchairs and crutches.