23 February 2012

PERU / SPAIN / USA : Lima Claims Madrid Is Stealing Their Gold...That USA Found.


     Commodities like gold and silver gets pricier every day.
     So...when a treasure trove of gold and silver coins...worth more than $500 million is involved...people can get nasty.
    That's certainly the case with Peru.
     It is asking American supreme court justice Clarence Thomas to stop the transfer of 17 tons of sunken treasure...discovered in 2007 and recovered by a Sarasota, Florida company...from the USA to Spain.
     Spain fought long and hard in the courts to wrest the treasure from Florida's Odyssey Marine company...and the USA supreme court finally allowed the top secret transfer to Madrid.
    In what's being described as...a last minute long shot...'hail Mary pass'...Peru says the gold was originally stolen by the Spanish from its lands centuries ago...and wants it back.